About Us

Dr. Samuel Yue

Meet Internationally renowned Dr. Samuel Yue, board certified M.D. He has many years of devotion to the chemistry behind the biology of exactly what make us all healthier, happier and yes, even a little better looking! Dr. Yue has traveled the globe, by invitation, to speak on cutting edge advancements for human longevity. His philosophy is modestly spoken in his own words: “it’s not enough to add chronological years to our life span, but to truly enjoy life we want our vitality and health throughout those years”


Michael A. Sward

Mike has created his niche in the world of business with an emphasis in sales and marketing. From real estate to shampoo – Mike brings his own unique touch to the excitement of creating a product that he himself enjoys the benefits of.  When asked why this product and why now, Mike responded, “Good health is essential to us all, add to that an improvement in one’s appearance and well, I just can’t think of a better combination.  I am honored to be a part of this journey in helping others discover the effective benefits of our products”