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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use SDY Hair Solutions?

SDY Hair Solutions was designed for adult men and women of all ages and ethnicities.

When do I start using SDY Shampoo and Conditioner?

As soon as you can order it! One of the most frequently reiterated testimonies is that the individual using the shampoo quickly noticed that their hair seemed to stop falling out with such severity. By my standard, that is a win right out of the gates! SDY Shampoo & Conditioner helps slowly yet consistently “turn back the clock of time.”

Have you noted any drug interactions with your products?

None that we are aware of, as SDY Hair Solutions is not a drug. Our shampoo and conditioner use many healthful and natural ingredients. SDY’s standard is to approach a healthy head of hair the way nature intended it to be. We believe that a nurturing approach is much more helpful both up front and in the long run. If you have any potential allergies and/or concerns, please consult with your physician.

At what point should I expect to see results?

We commonly receive feedback informing us that the individual using our products begins noticing a difference after a couple of weeks. In our opinion this may be more related to less fall out as well as healthy and more manageable hair than anything else. Pertaining to more dramatic/visual changes, the earliest documentation we have is 9 weeks (See Max). The majority of our "before and after" photos are taken around 3-5 months after using the SDY Hair Solutions product line. Results will vary.

Is this peach fuzz I’m beginning to notice going to be as thick as it gets?

Actually, that’s exactly what you want to see. If you are noticing soft hair or “peach fuzz” this is a good indication that your hair may well be on the comeback! Give it time as it can take up to a year to fully strengthen itself. Besides, it sure beats watching it fall out, doesn’t it? Again, we have to say that: results may vary and they will.

What percentage of people are experiencing results?

We began testing candidates about 3 years before launching SDY Hair Solutions to the public, in May of 2012. Throughout our test period the most commonly asked question from our candidates was, “how can I get more, this stuff really works.” Now that it is readily available, our estimated overall responses indicating that the product is providing pleasing results, is approximately 75% of those who use it as directed. We anticipate clinical trials in the very near future.

Can this product be used on color treated hair?

Absolutely! Great attention to detail was applied in designing products that are safe for color treated hair.

Are there any Formaldehyde, Parabens, or Sulfates in your products?

There are none whatsoever. Only the best ingredients are found in SDY’s Shampoo and Conditioner.

Has there been any animal testing with your products?

No. We have a strong stance on this in particular.

Is it important to use the Shampoo and Conditioner together?

Yes, we highly encourage it. The products are designed to work together along with the supplement.

Does this product work on cancer patients?

Although we do not make any specific claims as such, what we can tell you is that in particular, a couple of our models had experienced hair loss as a result from intake of harsh chemicals over a period of time. Their hair restoration was significant and both felt much better using the products. We have every reason to believe this would be a beneficial option for anyone having gone through treatments. Please consult with your physician if you have any concerns.

How often can I use the product?

You may use the product as often as you would like. Many of us shampoo and condition with SDY Hair Solutions products on a daily basis. In fact, I too, have found my best results come from using it daily. We recommend a minimum of every other day, be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

Is SDY a drug?

No. SDY Hair Solutions products are uniquely designed from a wide variety of ingredients from around the globe. We then infuse our products with a unique blend of polypeptides.

I am using Propecia. I have heard mixed reviews on this. Do I need to stay on it if I use your products?

Great question! You may want to read up on possible side effects of what you are taking. This, of course is always a smart decision with any drug. Remember, SDY is a combination of healthy natural ingredients gathered from around the globe. What makes SDY Hair Solutions so remarkable is the infusion of the polypeptides. The testimonials are from people that are using SDY Hair Solutions as their choice to help restore and rejuvenate their natural hair growth.

How does this differ from Monoxidil*?

SDY is NOT a drug. It is a completely different approach to helping stop hair loss and also helping stimulate your natural and healthy hair growth. Our product line is using an anti-aging approach to help restore the balance we tend to lose over the course of time. SDY Hair Solutions helps slowly turn back the clock of time.We are also often asked if combining the *two is acceptable. To our knowledge there is no negative interaction, so this should not be a problem what-so-ever. Again, SDY Hair Solutions is not a drug, rather a shampoo and conditioner working from the scalp up.

Are there any side-effects that I should be aware of?

Some people report their new hair growth is coming in darker and closer to its original color as to when they were younger versus their gray hair. This is not considered a negative in most peoples’ minds, rather, a side benefit. In fact, we hope to give a whole new meaning to the concept of “side-effects!” We also often hear that ones scalp may become slightly "itchy" from time to time. This seems to be in tandem with their appearance of more hair. As with most products it is important to avoid contact with eyes. If contact is made, rinse thoroughly and consult with your physician if needed.

Do I need to shake the bottle before use?

Yes, we recommend giving it a few vigorous shakes!