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"I have been using it (SDY Hair Solutions) for a bit over a month now,

and the difference in my hair is INCREDIBLE! You know you have great results when not only you notice, but a lot of other people do as well!"


-Mallory C.*

Allure Magazines 1st Runner Up Beauty Blogger Awards 2014


"I cannot believe what I've been seeing with my hair! I believe I started using the shampoo around the first week

of June and now there is NO place on my scalp that is TOTALLY BALD! There is hair filled in on every spot that

had nothing and I have pictures on my camera to prove it! We haven't taken the 'after' shots yet but I will when

this first tube is gone. I am going to order another shampoo soon...Stan says he's going to use it too. He has a

thin and bald spot on the back crown and who knows?...he may fill in his receding hairline too. I feel I have more

side hair also that was visibly thinner. I told my girlfriend Margaret to make sure she ordered it when she asked if

I could see results....she's the one who sent me CJ's article in the first place. I'm gonna call her and make sure

she gets it! Later, Patty PS: I will recommend this to anyone with REAL hair problems.”


-Patty, after using SDY for 3 months*

“I see in the mirror compared to how I used to look! OH! It makes such a huge difference

that I now wouldn't be 'embarrassed to death' (for the first time in years!)

if someone saw me with my hair wet or un-styled.”


-Patty, after using SDY for 6 months*

“Thank you for the shampoo. I just got my hair cut and the barber noticed that my hair is fuller. It's also growing back in places where I had hair loss.


- Adrian*

“My hair had never looked or felt this good before using your (SDY Hair Solutions) products.

I follow the directions to a T and have even noticed that the dry and flaky challenges I used to have, are completely gone.

I really like your conditioner too!”


- Greg*


"I have used the SDY Hair Solutions for approximately 6-8 months now,

and notice a lot of hair growth in the areas that my hair had been receding.

Using this product has made my hair feel thicker and harder to see my scalp through the hair.

I sense that losing my hair has stopped and I am maintaining and growing new hair. I love it!”


- Scott*



“My hair is thicker. Period. I really don’t have to say anything else!

I have used SDY for the past year and my hair is clearly thicker.

I could not be happier about that!”


- Josh*



“(Although) I think I'm too new to have noticed anything yet,

last time I got my hair cut my hairdresser said my hair looks fuller.”


- Tom G.*


“I now have a widow's peak, something I wasn't born with.

Also, my hair is much thicker. The shampoo is like a supplement for me.”


- Shelley*


“Before starting to shampoo with SDY, the bald spot on the back of

my head was about the size of a large cookie. Gradually, my hair started

to grow from the outside toward the center of the bald spot.

Today the spot is smaller than an Oreo.”


- Tom C.* 

“My son, a 35 year old who had a high hair line used it. He found it to work very well, so he asked for more!"


- Albert*


“I have always had very thin hair but since using the SDY formula

my hair has grown in thicker and has become stronger.

Making a huge difference in how I look and feel!"


- Yvonne G.*


"I just started trying out the SDY products and I love them actually!

My hair does feel slightly thicker and I like the smell and consistency of both the

shampoo and conditioner. I am really picky about my shampoo and conditioner so I was

surprised I liked SDY so much. I only wash my hair every other day and I have been using it for the last two weeks.

We will have to see how it looks after a month or two!"


- Jacqueline, FashionSnag.com*


"After using SDY products for about 6 weeks, I have noticed major results.

Before when I would shower and apply styling products, I would lose gobs of hair.

Now I only lose a few strands and I love that! My hair is more manageable - and I love it!"


- Monica K.*

"I love all 3 products and I've seen excellent results in 4 months time.

Thank you for your amazing product line! Nothing else will clean my hair since SDY...NOTHING!!!!"


- Art D.*